Private chat for sales and client communication

Close leads that you wouldn't close using only emails and phone calls. Speed up the sales process with our real-time lead generation and qualification features.

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Let prospects engage with you at the right time during the sales process

How this can help me close more?

1. It's easier to get prospects into live chat than a phone call

Don't limit to phone calls, give them options... or get them to live chat first(less friction, more comfortable), especially if it's as easy as one click.

2. Answer questions and deal with objections in real-time

It's so much easier to overcome objections and warm up leads in a live conversation. Our tool helps you do that, making it simple to get the call.

3. During chat you can generate, qualify or close leads has forms features that allows you to build any type of forms or surveys and send them live, while keeping the conversation flow.

What actually is gives you a link and a special landing page where people can go and chat with you

Include the link to the chat page in emails, website, linkedin or any other place to let leads and clients start a live chat within a click. You can easily target who you want to chat with by placing the link in the right places.

How it works

Get your chat page

Sign up here to get your chat page with a unique link(you can set your own domain/url later). Setting it up takes 2 minutes.

Insert the link in your sales funnel(email or website)

If you are doing sales by email, include the link in the email body and give prospects the option to chat with you.

The same on the website, add the link to specific pages of your funnel. Thinking about how is this better than a live-chat widget, read this.

Generate, qualify and close more leads

Interested prospects will click the link and start a chat with you. The forms feature alows you to generate or qualify leads in real-time. You can also schedule calls or meetings for later.

Create lead gen forms, lead qualification surveys or any other forms and use them during conversations

From your admin dashboard you can send any forms you made using our form builder and they will appear nicely near the chat panel, keeping the conversation flow and ensuring an ultra-high conversion rate

You can view the form submissions live, export them as CSV/excel file than to your CRM or view them in nice charts for data analysis.

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Chat page screenshot - sky theme with address form

Some people may wonder how is this different than live-chat widgets and why is this better than Intercom, Olark, etc

First of all, we are not competing with any of these tools.
Starting from features and targeting to positioning and use cases, we are different. Live chat widgets
Main Focus Sales Quick customer service
Engagement during conversation Very high. Separate page, no distractions. Fluent conversation. Low. Browsing was interrupted. Highly distracting.
Lead generation and qualification features Forms builder. Data export. Charts. None
From where people can start the chat Email. Your website. Other websites. Only your website
Chat targeting Very precise. Place the chat link where and when you want. Website Page level
Web dev/IT guy required to implement the chat No. Chat page is hosted by us and you get a link to it. Yes. You need a website and someone to install the widget.
For sales and any meaningful communication, engagement is critical.

Together with the specialized features, targeting and the outbound capabilities, is the ideal chat tool when comes to sales and client communication.

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per month

  • 1 User
  • Unlimited chats
  • Unlimited leads
  • Form builder. Data export. Charts summary
  • 8 themes. Over 50 styles can be customized
  • You own domain/custom URL
  • Email fallback
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per user/month

  • 2 to 20 users
  • Unlimited chats
  • Unlimited leads
  • Form builder. Data export. Charts summary
  • 8 themes. Over 50 styles can be customized
  • You own domain/custom URL
  • Email fallback
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Frequently Asked Questions

Even though it allows people to start a conversation from external sources, you can also link to it from your own website, from footer, contact page or anywhere else. We don't offer a widget because is specialized for sales and outbound communication.
Of course. You can use your own domain with custom url. You can also use the page as a separate Contact page if you want.
Yes. The chat page is very customizable, you can make it to match your brand, from font types to message colors, transparency or even border sizes. There are 8 themes available and over 50 style attributes that you can change.

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